A downloadable game for Windows

Hi !
This is a free in development version of my game.

The game is a challenging fast paced racing shooter where you need to destroy as many targets as possible and gain the highest score possible.

If you play it please considering leaving me some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.
If you like it and would like to follow along the development process you can join my Discord server, Its a bit lonely there at the moment, so I will be happy to chat :)
Discord Server

If you really like the game and would like to support it please Wishlist it on Steam!
Wishlist on Steam

** Game is best experienced with a controller, for mouse and keyboard controls see the in game rebinding setting.

** The game currently has no sound, I'm working on it.
** The graphics settings menu is not implemented yet


Controller (ps or xbox)

Right Stick: Orient Camera/Reticle

Right Stick Click: Jump

Left Stick: Move 

Right Button/shoulder(single tap): toggle targets  or activate ammo catcher shield(on versions 0.2.1 and above)

Left Trigger: Lock Weapons On Current Target

Left Trigger Double Tap: Cancel Targeting

Right Trigger: Shot!

Switch Weapons: Left Button/Shoulder

Repair: X(xbox) or square (play station)

Boost: A (xbox) X(ps)

Accept/swap weapon: A(xbox) X(ps)

Cancel/drop weapon: B(xbox) circle(ps)

Menu: menu button


Ion-Blade League 0.2.9 1.3 GB
Version 4 Jul 14, 2023

Development log


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Hey keep the good work this game is a banger! a litle bit of polishing and this game will be popular good job!